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Anton Zharov

“Attorney Zharov’s Team” is the only law firm in Russia specializing exclusively in children and family rights protection, including such issues as transnational parents disputes and international adoption.

The “Team” was formed in 2013 by Anton A. Zharov, member of the Bar Association of Moscow. Zharov has been practicing law in Russian courts since 2000. From 2007 on he specializes in cases involving the juvenile and family rights.

Our law firm renders assistance in settling family disputes, including such issues as severance, termination of parental rights and illegal movement of child across a national border by one of the parents. We represent our clients’ interests in cases of adoption (including transnational adoption), child custody and patronage and defend in court both the accused and the victim in capital cases involving underage individuals.

While asserting our principals’ interests we always act with maximum tact and consideration and are always ready to forestall any unfavorable developments. Our special confidentiality security system allows our principals to follow the development of their case on-line.

We strictly adhere to principles of attorney-client privilege and professional secrecy and are proud to over alreasdy 15 hundred clients who have chosen our firm to assist in their cases.

Today “Attorney Zharov’s Team” numbers 6 professional lawyers working under Anton Zharov in our Moscow office.

Attorney Anton A. Zharov, member of the Bar Association of Moscow, is the founder and head of “Attorney Zharov’s Team”. Anton Zharov has been practicing law in Russian courts since 2000 specializing exclusively in family and juvenile law. As an expert he took part in drafting the Custody and Trusteeship Law, as well as amendments to the Family Code of the Russian Federation and state decrees on child adoption and custody. He also contributed to the development of the training program for prospective Russian adopters. Zharov acted as an independent (non-government) expert in design and development of legal acts for child custody and adopters training in the Lithuanian Republic.

Since 2006 Anton Zharov has been lecturing on legal aspects at the oldest Russian School for Adopters (part of the ”Family” Charity Fund). Anton Zharov is the author of 5 papers on the subject of termination of parental rights and complex adoption cases, as well as over 200 professional and editorial publications on family and juvenile law. He also keeps a blog on family and juvenile law at (in Russian).

In 2018 Anton Zharov prepared (in collaboration with J. Losson) the Russian Chapter in legal guide ‘ICLG Family Law 2019′ (in English).

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