Lawyer Anton Zharov Children and family rights protection
Children and family rights protection

Anton Zharov

Anton Alekseevich Zharov – an lawyer, a specialist in the area of family and juvenile (“children”) law. 

He has been practicing in Russian courts since 2000. Before creating “Lawyer Zharov’s team” he was a member of the oldest Russian bar association “Bezrukov, Doronin and associates”, where he also specialized in family law and protection of the rights of minors.

Author and coauthor of more than 10 research papers on family law, custody and guardianship, issues of placement of children left without parental care. At different periods of time he was a guest lecturer at the University of Russian Academy of Education, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and other educational institutions.

Research director of the “Institute of family enlightening and legal programmes” (IFELP), the author of the programme of law module and teacher of the School of adoptive parents conducted by IFELP.

From 2007 to 2010 he was an expert of working groups for the preparation of legislation of the committees of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Expert of the interim commission of the Federal Council on international humanitarian and technical cooperation. 

He is working in expert and working groups of ministries and agencies of the Russian Federation during the preparation of legislation on the protection of children’s rights, custody, family law. 

Participated in drafting of the Federal law “About guardianship and custody”, a number of other laws, bylaws of the Government of the Russian Federation, the documents of the Ministry of education and science, and also regional legislation.  

Member of a working group of drafting the bill “About amendments to a number of federal laws on the protection of children’s rights left without parental care (the so-called #orphanlaw) in the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Member of the working group on the monitoring the observance of children’s rights under the Ombudsman for children in the city of Moscow. 

By using his experience in legal assistance A. Zharov created in 2013 a unique law firm in the Russian Federation that specializes on the protection of rights of parents and children, that provides its principals not only the legal but any other assistance associated with family protection. 

Member of Moscow Bar Association (reg. number 77/9327).